I provide freelance statistical consultancy in a wide range of areas. I am based in London. My speciality is the application of statistics to medical research but I have expertise in other areas, including psychology, transport and agriculture. I am happy to give advice on all statistical issues and also to undertake detailed statistical analysis.

The length of projects undertaken can range from a single hour of advice to the analysis of large and complex datasets.

I have published 40+ papers in academic peer-reviewed journals. Most of my in-depth work has focused on clustering, Bayesian modelling and spatio-temporal methods for a variety of applications including epidemiology, genomics, sports science and economics. I hold a PhD in Statistics from the University of Warwick (2009) and I am a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.


I provide a variety of statistical services:
Statistical Analysis

– Give advice on the most appropriate methods of statistical analysis
– Perform detailed statistical analysis using the most up to date statistical methods
– Provide an explanation of results so that the statistical methods and results are clearly explained. Many non-statisticians have understandable difficulty with statistics, as many may have received only minimal training in this area. Therefore we make it an absolute priority that all advice and analysis is given with a minimum of statistical jargon, and a full and clear explanation of the main results and how these relate to the objectives of the work.
Teaching and Training
All teaching and training is specifically tailored towards the need of the client. This can can any number of forms:
РOne-off lectures 
– Workshops
– Whole courses
Statistical Software
I have considerable experience of many statistical software packages, and can help with R.

Email me at if you would like to discuss an opportunity.