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R Package PReMiuM

The R package PReMiuM is a package for Dirichlet process Bayesian clustering, also known as profile regression.

Windows and OS X users can download binaries directly from CRAN and install PReMiuM as they would any other package. I give below instructions for installation in Linux as it requires an extra step - the installation of Boost, as given in the SystemRequirements for the package.

Installation instructions for Linux (Debian and Ubuntu) users
  1. Ensure that r-base-dev is installed running the following command in a terminal:
    • > sudo apt-get install r-base-dev
  2. Ensure that the C++ library boost is installed by running the following command in a terminal:
    • > sudo apt-get install libboost-dev
These instructions won't work automatically if you don't have Ubuntu 12.10 because you require Boost >=1.48, which is only distributed by apt-get with Ubuntu 12.10. You can check which Ubuntu version is installed in your computer by typing the following in a terminal.
  • > lsb_release -a
You can check the installed boost version in the file /usr/local/version.hpp

If your Ubuntu version is 12.04 or older, then you have a few options to install Boost 1.48.
  1. You can upgrade your Ubuntu system to 12.10 and then install boost as above.
  2. You can try to manually install boost 1.48 in an older Ubuntu version. I don't give instructions to do that here as I am not certain that it would work.
  3. You can add boost manually to PReMiuM. To do this, download PReMiuM and save it somewhere in your computer. Unpack it. Then you can download boost_1_48_0.tar.gz here, unpack it and save the unpacked folder in PReMiuM/src/include. Run "R CMD BATCH build PReMiuM" from terminal in the folder containing the unpacked PReMiuM package. This creates the modified PReMiuM package that includes the latest version of Boost. You will need to repeat these steps every time that a new version of PReMiuM is released.
  4. For PReMiuM version 3.0.13 I have created a package called PReMiuMBoost_3.0.14.tar.gz which contains the boost 1.48 header files. As a consequence, it is rather large (over 50Mb). The only other difference between PReMiuM 3.0.13 and PReMiuMBoost 3.0.14 is that the latter also depends on the R package RcppEigen. I will not provide updates to the PReMiuMBoost packages, as I will focus on PReMiuM.
All the versions of PReMiuM (including the most up to date ones) can be downloaded here.

Please let me know if these instructions don't work for you, as I would like to keep this up to date. You can email me at liveranis at

More info on the CRAN webpage for the PReMiuM package:

My beamer theme: Florence

Below you can download the beamer theme that I have created and currenlty use for my LaTeX presentations. Keeping with the beamer theme tradition of city names, I have called my own theme Florence!

To use this theme you need to save beamerthemeFlorence.sty and beamercolorthemebeaver2.sty in the same folder of the tex files that you are using for the LaTeX presentation. At the top of your main tex file you need to type


and then just compile as usual. The output looks like in the two slides below (low resolution!) and here is the code used to create them: talk.tex.